Symfony framework

Symfony framework helps to create better web applications

Symfony framework for programming language PHP consists of a set of reusable software components. For the developers it provides the way to develop the software with less code and with less errors.  Instead of writing the code for basic functions used in many different projects, developers are able to use Symfony framework to handle that and focus on the design and specific logic of their projects.

The framework was first released in 2005 and is currently maintained by SensioLabs, a French startup company founded in 2012. It is an open source project.

Many popular e-commerce platforms, content management systems and web sites use Symfony framework. To name just the few:

  • Magento, one of the most powerful and popular software platforms for eCommerce
  • Prestashop, eCommerce, using the framework since version 1.7
  • Shopware, eCommerce
  • Elcodi, eCommerce
  • Sylius, eCommerce
  • Sonata e-commerce
  • Drupal, CMS powering millions of websites.
  • Joomla, CMS for building web sites and online applications.
  • Composer, a tool for dependency management in PHP projects
  • Piwik, open source web analytic platform. It provides insights on website’s visitors, marketing campaigns and more
  • PHPUnit, unit testing software framework for software written in the PHP programming language
  • Propel,  Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) for SQL- Databases in PHP 5.4
  • Mautic, software tool for marketing automation
  • Doctrine, Object relational mapper (ORM) for PHP that sits on top of a database abstraction layer (DBAL)

A community of 300,000 developers is working with the framework. SensioLabs created SensioLabsConnect, an extensive professional network for Symfony developers.

Another popular framework for PHP is Zend. Some eCommerce platforms and other web site and software tools use several PHP frameworks in parallel, for the different parts of their system. For example, Magento uses both framweorks, Symfony and Zend.
Users of the platform can embed just some of the components into their the products or can use the full-stack framework.

Symfony framework component

An example of a Symfony component displaying some technical insights of the runnning PHP application

Web site of the framework.