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E-Commerce global trends

PriceIntelligence software

PriceIntelligence software for eCommerce price intelligence PriceIntelligence is a software solution by RS Media Group, a German company for omnichannel consulting, management and software solutions. The solution is cloud based software as a service (SaaS). The purpose of every price intelligence is to help retailers to obtain information on how their product prices compare to the… Read More »

Distributors are slowly recognizing eCommerce is important

For a half of distributors ecommerce is among their top three priorities In a recent study conducted by research and advisory firm Retail Systems Research LLC on behalf of SPS Commerce Inc., a provider of supply chain management software for the consumer products industry, retailers and their suppliers were asked to name their three top priorities. The… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence will transform eCommerce

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence There has been a lot of reports lately about advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Bloomberg even reports 2015 to be a breakthrough year in AI. Those recent advances are mostly related to the area of AI known as machine learning, or rather, deep learning, what has lately become the… Read More »

eCommerce booming

eCommerce booming, says Deutsche Post. The international online retail business is even growing faster than the domestic one, says Deutsche Posts in their press release on tracking of international merchandise items via RFID tags. A post company like Deutsche Post is indeed a reliable source of information for the ecommerce business in Europe. So when… Read More »

eCommerce will be one of the most prosperous areas of Information technology

eCommerce is growing strongly and market researchers are predicting continued growth also in the next years. According to Center of retail research, online shopping in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Spain is expected to rise from €156.28 billions in 2014 to €219.44 billions in 2016,  a whooping 40% increase in two… Read More »