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Conversion rate optimization hacks

Conversion rate optimization is one of the most important aspects of every ecommerce business. While the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is to bring as many visitors as possible to your site, conversion rate optimization is the necessary further step to turn visitors to shoppers.   Are you constantly getting a lot of visitors… Read More »

AI Making Our Lives Easier

No matter what your personal feelings on artificial intelligence are, one thing is clear – we don’t have to worry about it in some nebulous future. Computers are growing smarter by the day, and artificial intelligence is something that most of us have already encountered. In 2017, Lowe’s Home Improvement actually introduced robots into their… Read More »

Social Commerce

Every e-commerce business should include social commerce it’s promotion strategies to attract more buyers and keep up with competition.  Karthik Reddy from shared few thoughts about the benefits of social commerce. The Multiple Benefits of Going Social Social media has changed the way that we shop. Many of us follow a favorite brand or… Read More »

Semalt Expert Defines Risks On Social Media And Possible Solutions

In recent times, there are concerns over the rise in scams targeting social media. These social platforms include but are not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Apparently, social media is one of the best platforms for marketing brands. Thus, brand managers cannot risk pulling away from accessing a vast majority of their stakeholders.… Read More »

I want to sell online. How to start?

If you intend to start your new online store and you are not sure  how to start and what should be your very first steps, here are few tips. Before start googling for web agencies, freelance developers or asking your friend about a friend of his friend who apparently has a clue about the topic,… Read More »

5 Tools That Semalt Recommends To Every Beginning Blogger

So you’ve started your blog. Congratulations! Maybe you want to make a living with it, or maybe you just want to share impressions from your latest vacation with friends and family. Either way, there are many ways you can make your blog look awesome and professional. Julia Vashneva, Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services,… Read More »

PriceIntelligence software

PriceIntelligence software for eCommerce price intelligence PriceIntelligence is a software solution by RS Media Group, a German company for omnichannel consulting, management and software solutions. The solution is cloud based software as a service (SaaS). The purpose of every price intelligence is to help retailers to obtain information on how their product prices compare to the… Read More »