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This site is about ecommerce and related technologies, tips & tricks, global trends and business news. The site is in it’s early stage of development. It will connect members of  ecommerce community:  merchants, developers , designers, consultants, web agencies, research institutions, to share knowledge and ideas and to find contacts and make promotion.
Technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud services, virtual reality and internet of things are changing the way how businesses of all kinds are done. At the same, time eCommerce is booming globally, due to the demographic changes, development of internet infrastructure and the mobile revolution. People buy more and more at online stores and it is projected the trend to continue for several years in the future. In the highly competitive world of eCommerce it is of crucial importance to quickly adapt to the fast moving technological trends. The days, when setting up an ecommerce web site was more or less the only technical requirement for starting an ecommerce business, are over. Customers demand a unique shopping experience. Only powerful software solutions are able to provide that experience and drive more customers with better average conversion rates to online stores. Without great shopping experience, lower prices are the only solution left to merchants to stay competitive. And even those do not guarantee sells. Strong sells cannot be achieved without a strong visibility of the online store. Which is determined by the software and data quality of the store. Therefore, once again, we can conclude that there is no other way to remain competitive in ecommerce business than to constantly follow the technology and innovate within the possibilities it offers.  And there is no better place to follow the trends of specific technology then to be part of the community.

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