AI Making Our Lives Easier

By | May 1, 2018
No matter what your personal feelings on artificial intelligence are, one thing is clear – we don’t have to worry about it in some nebulous future. Computers are growing smarter by the day, and artificial intelligence is something that most of us have already encountered. In 2017, Lowe’s Home Improvement actually introduced robots into their in-store customer service department, that helped shoppers find items in the store like an actual human assistant could.
Did you know, for example, that in 2017, there were 4 billion devices with artificial intelligence capabilities? And, according to the IDC, by 2019 every single Internet of Things program will use AI.
What this means is that we can start to expect appliances that are more intelligent. What about a refrigerator that can be programmed to be lockable after a certain time at night? What about a freezer that can check when you are running low on chicken nuggets?
It could be as simple as scanning a barcode every time you put something in the freezer. And why stop there? Why not link all the appliances to a central home hub? So, the freezer sends a report when nuggets are low to the hub. The refrigerator does the same with milk and other perishable items.
They can work with each other or the home hub to come up with a shopping list that could either be forwarded to you or used to place an order directly with the store.
Of course, there are also significant advantages to smart marketers with all this. Let’s say, for example, that I am a regular shopper at your store and make online purchases, as well as in-store purchases.
AI can process large quantities of data, and so it could be used to market goods more effectively. Next time the order comes in online for chicken nuggets, the AI systems analyze previous purchases related to chicken nuggets and come up with a combo offer on the spot of say, chicken nuggets and a dip. All at a reasonable discount to get you to buy more.
It would increase the chances of you spending more and improve your customer experience. We have all had experience with stores that send us discount vouchers that we will never use. If the company can offer more personalized vouchers on the spot, aren’t we more likely to use them?
AI can help companies process huge amounts of client data in seconds. It can be used to follow-up with clients, run promotions at a later stage, and even act as a type of customer service representative.
We have seen companies really start to leverage the awesome power of artificial intelligence, from virtual assistants like Siri to fully-fledged chatbots like CoverGirl’s Kalani Bot. From sassy to fun and friendly, AI can interact with clients fairly easily.
And, for the company, they can be an exceptional branding exercise. Imagine having an employee who could work 24/7, every day of the year, and always has a winning personality. With AI, dreams of these super employees are not far off.
Want to learn about companies already using AI? Check out our infographic.

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