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By | January 27, 2018

Every e-commerce business should include social commerce it’s promotion strategies to attract more buyers and keep up with competition.  Karthik Reddy from shared few thoughts about the benefits of social commerce.

Social commerce marketing strategies

Social commerce marketing strategies

The Multiple Benefits of Going Social

Social media has changed the way that we shop. Many of us follow a favorite brand or online store on social media, getting the opportunity to look at new stock, discounts and company news instantly while out and about. Lately, companies began to utilize their social media accounts to create greater customer engagement and to advertise their products.

87% of customers say that social media helps them decide what to buy. User reviews and direct interaction with the brand help a lot.

The idea is to streamline the process. Since many people are on social media browsing products anyway, isn’t it better to have a checkout option there and then instead of redirecting to another site?

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is the term used to describe when social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are used to create a more targeted and personalized service for customers. It extends e-commerce from the brands’ websites and puts it right on social media.

What is more, merchants without websites can also benefit greatly from the social media platforms. Thanks to the eBay social commerce integration, a constructive dialogue between service providers and consumers is possible even without a dedicated web page.

Benefits of Social Commerce

There are many benefits that come with social commerce for the consumer. One of the biggest draws is the fact that social media is mobile friendly. Many apps are designed solely for mobile phones and allow for easy navigation and quick load times.

Another big draw is the customer care side. Social media sites like Facebook come with a live chat feature, so you are able to get in contact with the company as soon as you have a question, and get a response quickly and efficiently.

In addition to being beneficial to us as consumers, social commerce also has its perks for the company. Social media makes it extremely quick and easy for satisfied customers to share and recommend a brand or product to others in their social circle. Because of the nature of social media, content has the potential to go viral, and it can play a very important role in word of mouth marketing.

This increase in social media engagement can do more than just boost transactions, it can improve SEO greatly, too. Sharing links to content on a company website is the perfect way to drive traffic from a social media platforms directly onto the brand’s web page.

Social media is exactly what the name suggests, social. Having a strong social media presence can help to build relationships and opens many opportunities for engagement with prospective and current customers. This makes it more likely for a customer to come back again for repeat service.

Combining social media and e-commerce is a fairly new venture in the retail world, but the results speak for themselves. It is definitely something that online businesses should adopt as soon as possible.


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