Deep learning has strong adoption

By | February 18, 2016

Deep learning is being used by 3500 companies working with Nvidia.

Nvidia announced financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal 2016. During the earnings conference call, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang (Jensen) was responding to questions of interested investors and press. He made some strong statements regarding deep learning, mentioned in articles Artificial Intelligence will transform eCommerce and Robot learning to walk. We are interested in the area, because it is going to significantly influence the business as a whole and also ecommerce specifically.

Bellow is a part of the answer Jensen responded to a question about the company prospects in the area of high performance computing. After some initial talk about HPC in general, Jensen referred to deep learning. That’s what he had to say:

“The big killer app that we are starting to see and we’ve been cultivating this for several years now and is now really turning the corner and is going to grow is deep learning. Almost in every field of science as well as for web services companies, artificial intelligence helps some way through just some massive amounts, oceans of data, to discover insight. And so deep learning and using artificial intelligence technology across all fields of science – I’m super excited about the work that is going to be done in medicine – it’s really going to see some great adoption. I think we mentioned that in just a couple of years ago we had a hundred companies working with us in the area of deep learning and now it has ballooned to three thousands and five hundred. That’s quite a large scale growth. And it’s in industries all the way from life sciences to super-computing, to web services, to even industrial. Application for industrial would be internet of things. All of these sensors around the world, collecting data, need artificial intelligence software, deep learning software to reveal insight.”


Deep learning uses NVIDIA Tesla cards for GPU acceleration of the most intensive calculations

Deep learning uses NVIDIA Tesla cards for GPU acceleration of the most intensive calculations


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